Welcome to Serita Frey's lab at the University of New Hampshire!

Our research focuses on how human activities are impacting terrestrial ecosystems, with an emphasis on soil biota and nutrient cycling processes. We are specifically interested in how anthropogenic stressors (e.g., climate change, nitrogen deposition, agricultural management, invasive species) affect the composition and diversity of soil microbial communities and microbial-mediated carbon and nitrogen cycles. We work at the interface between ecosystem science, microbial ecology and soil science, combining microbiological methods with stable isotope analysis and a variety of soil physical and chemical approaches to examine structure-function linkages.

Frey lab group
Swan in winter

Recent News

Congrats to Linda van Diepen who was awarded the 2014 MSA Fungal Forest Ecology Postdoctoral Research Award!

Liz Landis received honorable mention for her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship application about the effects of nitrogen deposition on saprotrophic basidiomycete ecology.

Serita, Jesse, and co-PI Stuart Grandy received a grant from the Northeastern States Research Cooperative to examine biological soil nitrogen retention mechanisms in Northern forests.

Jesse Sadowsky published an article in the 2013 LTER newsletter.

Congrats to Alix Contosta and Linda van Diepen who have been promoted to Research Scientist!