It is with great pleasure and a sense of deep pride that I present this year's Faculty Excellence recipients. These extraordinary scholars and teachers exemplify the excellence of UNH faculty as a whole. And they share a common trait—they ask questions that matter to our state, our nation, and the world.

How does the body store iron? If personality could be described as a system, what would it look like? What do we know—what should we know—about the nation's growing direct-care workforce? How can Earth science education be transformed in the U.S.? How can oil spills be prevented? What course of study should one pursue to become a better community advocate?

In pursuit of answers to questions like these, Faculty Excellence awardees teach, engage in research and creative activities, and work in remote locations with myriad partners to solve pressing problems. All of this work is aimed at the overriding aim of UNH—to educate our undergraduate and graduate students, the leaders and problem solvers of the future.

The following short profiles give you the opportunity to meet this year's awardees. I am sure you will enjoy reading about their accomplishments.


Bruce L. Mallory
Provost and executive vice president