Project Management

Facilities Construction Team (FCT)

The Facilities Construction Team (FCT) provides professional construction services for the University of New Hampshire under the direction of the Facilities Project Management Team (FPM). 

FCT workers reshingle the roof of the Hamel Rec CenterThe Facilities Construction Team (FCT) consists of carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and laborers, all skilled in the execution of University construction projects.  FCT’s attention to detail and skillful execution ensures a successful project outcome that meets project goals, and ensures compliance with state and federal laws, and University Construction Standards and policies.

Obtaining Facilities Construction Team (FCT) Services:
To request project services send an email to and cc Mike Mason with the following information: contact name, building location and project description. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will contact you to begin your planning and construction process.

The FCT team is committed to completing our work with:

FCT Contact Information

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