Project Management

Air Conditioner Request Procedures

The following is an excerpt from the UNH Do-It-Yourself Facility Renovation and Alteration Project Policy and Procedures. The full document can be viewed at: Do-it-Yourself Policy and Procedures.


v) Air Conditioning (A/C) Specific Projects. All A/C requests must be approved by Facilities Project Management (FPM). The assigned FPM project manager will determine:


(1) Availability of power (to ensure electrical code compliance) with an analysis of total building capacity.


(2) Availability of space for air handling units, ductwork, piping, condensers, etc.


(3) If window units are contemplated, the ability to modify the window to receive a window unit.


(4) The aesthetic impact of the installation.  Will rooftop condensers be visible?  For window units, what face of the building will be affected and are there existing window units on this face?  If there are issues, the Project Manager and customer will consult with the Campus Architect.


(5) The recommended installation and necessary equipment capacity to satisfactorily provide cooling.


(6) The approximate cost for the installation or a summary of the actions needed to develop an estimate.


v) Facilities Maintenance is not funded to maintain window A/C systems.  Customers who receive approval to install window A/Cs are responsible for funding maintenance and replacement of these types of units.


vi) Any work found to have been accomplished without prior approval of FPM and/or determined to not be in compliance with applicable codes, regulation or standards, including particularly the University’s Construction and Repair Standards, will be removed and the area restored to its original condition or redone so as to meet standards.  The cost associated with any such rework will be provided by the responsible individual, group or organization.


(vii) Any person or unit organization who accomplishes work under this Policy, without the prior approval of FPM accepts and assumes all risks and responsibility for losses, costs, and damage incurred as a result of accomplishing such non-approved work, including but not limited to risks of personal injury and property damage.  The University and its administrators, officers, and employees shall have no liability for any harm caused by non-approved work.  Additionally, when discovered, the person or unit organization may be directed to remove/restore the unauthorized changes.

Obtaining Project Management Services for AC Requests: send an email to and cc Mike Mason with the following information: contact name,  building location and project description. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will contact you to begin your planning and construction process.

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