THDA 439 Intro to Shakespeare in Theatre

David RichmanInstructor: David Richman

Introduces the imaginative process by which actors and directors bring Shakespeare's plays to life on the stage. Detailed study of eight plays.

4.000 Credit hours

Questions for David Richman

  1. How does teaching this class online change your approach?
    I aim this class at non-majors who have, perhaps, never taken a college-level course in Shakespeare. The online format requires lectures, and I make these as entertaining and vivid as possible.

  2. What most interested you about this subject matter?
    I have been teaching Shakespeare and directing productions of Shakespeare's plays for thirty-five years. A knowledge of and sympathy with Shakespeare's plays remains necessary to a full, rich life. It is still true, as it was a century ago, that our understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare provides an accurate measure of our own lives' richness and wisdom. More than any other creative writer, Shakespeare teaches us what it is to be human. Using the online format during J-term allows students who might otherwise know nothing of Shakespeare the opportunity for an introduction.

  3. Do you have a philosophy about learning? Has it changed as technology has changed?
    My philosophy of learning is simple and technology has not changed it. To know ourselves, we must learn as much about the world as we can. Shakespeare still has a great deal to teach us about the world, about people other than ourselves, and about ourselves. He is still the indispensable.

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