Featured Online Courses

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HUMA 401

HUMA 401: Slavery and Freedom in Literature and Philosophy

Instructor: Lesley Curtis

The New Hampshire state motto is “Live Free or Die.” But what does it mean to be free? What forces prevent us from being free? Do we really have control over these forces?

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THDA 439

THDA 439 Intro to Shakespeare in Theatre

Instructor: David Richman

Introduces the imaginative process by which actors and directors bring Shakespeare's plays to life on the stage. Detailed study of eight plays.

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Chick Lit

ENGL 575 Sex and Sensibility: The Rise of Chick Lit from Jane Austen to Bridget Jones

Instructor: Stephanie Harzewski

This course focuses on the novel of manners, a literary tradition that began in the nineteenth century, but enjoys widespread popularity in the contemporary phenomenon dubbed as "chick lit."

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ANTH 415

ANTH 415 The Human Story: Evolution, Fossils & DNA 

Instructor: Meghan Howey

This course uses an evolutionary approach to investigate human biological and bio-cultural variation in time and space.

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SPAN 525

SPAN 525 Spanish Civilization & Culture 

Instructor: John Chaston

Historical, geographical, and artistic expressions of Spanish civilization that have formed the character of contemporary Spanish culture. Conducted in English.

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