eUNH Mission Statement

UNH is the public flagship institution in New Hampshire. It is a research intensive, doctoral institution with an uncommon dedication to undergraduate education and undergraduate research. eUNH was developed in order to offer UNH students an additional option to complete their undergraduate degrees according to their own timetable and to reduce the total cost of degree completion. UNH designed its slate of online undergraduate courses purposefully, concentrating its offerings in lower-level core curricular areas and in its high demand majors.

UNH also seeks to establish online programs and certificates in the professional and graduate program areas. These online programs and certificates will serve working professionals, offering them the flexibility and convenience of online learning and the quality and integrity of a distinctive education guided by a distinguished faculty.

Importantly, the University of New Hampshire is committed to a guiding principle that its online courses and programs produce the same learning outcomes as its residential courses and programs produce. It is a reflection of the distinctive character of the university. Strongly committed to the vital role it plays in preparing leaders for a challenging world, undergraduate education has been and remains a central mission. Quality professional and graduate programs contribute to the breadth of opportunities offered by the university. Widespread applications of cutting edge academic technologies, pedagogy deeply rooted in what we know about learning from the cognitive sciences, and a nationally recognized faculty make for a rich online learning environment that serves the educational needs and plans of both undergraduate and graduate students.

eUNH extends the reach of the University of New Hampshire to worlds beyond its residential campus. It truly is a gateway to the life of the mind at UNH.