About Us

 eUNH is an initiative to spur the growth of online courses and programs at UNH in order to make the high-quality courses offered by UNH more accessible throughout New Hampshire and the region. This web site is intended to promote UNH ecourses and to support students and faculty engaged in online teaching and learning. Faculty and staff who are working to establish eUNH are committed to offering the highest quality ecourses available in the region. eUNH students can use this site to find out what courses are being offered, how to register, and how to be a successful online student.

UNH faculty can also use this site as a resource when they are developing ecourses. The Teaching and Learning Services group within Academic Technology offers a range of services to support faculty as they explore new instructional technologies. Made up of the Instructional Development Center, Media and Collaboration, and Documentation and Training, we provide consultation, training, and support for faculty who want to use technology in their teaching and research. Our staff of professionals includes instructional designers, media specialists, and documentation and training specialists with years of experience. Teaching and Learning Services is also committed to working with with students as they learn in this emerging environment.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.


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