Sample Course Documents


Sample Course Syllabi

SOC 400, Introductory Sociology

KIN 561, History of American Sport and Physical Culture

PSYC 402, Statistics in Psychology

Sample Inquiry Course Documents

BIOL 544, Your Genes, Your Life?

  • Faculty Member Name: Anita Klein
  • Department: Biology
  • Inquiry Document(s): BIOL 544, Your Genes, Your Life?
  • Fulfills Discovery: Environment, Technology & Society; Inquiry

IT 502, Intermediate Web Design

ARTS598, Sophmore Seminar

  • Faculty Member Name: Jennifer Moses
  • Department: Art and Art History
  • Inquiry Document(s): ARTS598, Sophmore Seminar
  • Fulfills Discovery: Inquiry

Russian 521, Devils, Deities, and Madness in Russian Literature

Chemistry 409

  • Faculty Member Name: Christopher Bauer
  • Department: Chemistry
  • Inquiry Document(s): Chemistry 409
  • Fulfills Discovery: Physical Science, Inquiry

PHYS 444, Into the Final Frontier: America's Journey Into Space

CIE 402 Introduction to Civil Engineering