Authors and Essays 2005


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Mimi Becker - Globalization, Ecological Security, and the Sustainability of Human Societies
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, Natural Resources

John Cerullo - Human Rights and "Globalization"
UNH Manchester, History

Ross Gittell - Globalization of the Economy: What does it mean?
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Management

Filson Glanz - Why isn't globalization as good for people as its marketed image suggests it is?
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Faculty Emeritus of Electrical Engineering

Lori Hopkins - Doesn't everyone speak English anyway? Multilingualism in the Age of Globalization
College of Liberal Arts, Spanish/ Languages, Literature and Culture

Tom Kelly - Virtuous Globalization: A Dialogue for the University of New Hampshire Discovery Program
Office of Sustainability Programs

Lawrence Chris Reardon - "No Dogs or Chinese Allowed": Globalization and China
College of Liberal Arts, Political Science

Joe L.P. Lugalla - Globalization and Structural Adjustments in sub-Saharan Africa
College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology

Jeffrey Salloway - The Global Distribution of Disease and Death
School of Health and Human Services, Health Management and Policy