UNH Documentation Guidelines

Recognizing the unique nature of disabilities and their impact on an individual, the documentation guidelines to the left outline the information a student will need to submit in order to be considered for services and accommodations.  This documentation is to be submitted directly to Disability Services for Students by admitted or enrolled UNH students.  Options for submission include US Mail, Fax or deliver it directly in person.  Email is not a preferred method of delivery as it is not secure.  Once all materials requested are received by the office, including a copy of the documentation and the Accommodations and Services Request Form, the Documentation Review Committee will begin the review process.  This process may take up to 2-3 weeks once all materials are received.  Please note that there are certain times of the year which are busier than others.  Additionally, the University does close for certain holidays (See UNH Master Calendar) and/or inclement weather.  This will directly impact the Committee’s ability to adhere to the noted time frame. 

All documentation is to be typed on letterhead stationery, dated, and signed by an appropriate diagnostician.  The diagnostician ought to be impartial and not a family member.  The documentation must include a clear statement that a disability does or does not exist; terms such as “appears,” “probable,” and “suggests” in the diagnostic summary statement do not support a conclusive diagnosis.  Appropriate documentation reflects a student's historical and current level of functioning, describes what substantial impact/limitations the student experiences due to the disability, and includes a diagnostic statement.  Please note that a limitation in only one area (i.e. Testing) is not a disability.  Specific guidelines for documentation are listed in the links to the left.

Once a determination is made by the Documentation Review Committee, the student will be contacted via their UNH email. For incoming freshman a hard copy letter will also be sent to their home address.

If the student is determined to be an eligible student with a disability, the student will receive information specifying how to create an appointment to complete the registration process, learn of the accommodations they are eligible for and learn about UNH policy and procedure specific to those accommodations.

If the materials provided lack sufficient information or if there is conflicting data/test scores the student will be informed what additional information, if any, is needed. In addition, the student may be referred to academic supports and resources available to all students at UNH.

If information fails to establish the existence of a disability the student will receive information detailing specifically why this determination was made and information on the option of providing further documentation which establishes a diagnosis. In addition, the student may be referred to academic supports and resources available to all students at UNH.