Snow and Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Removal Policy


As a service to individuals with mobility disabilities on the University of New Hampshire campus, Grounds employees will work, as requested, to clear accessible pedestrian routes for individuals with mobility disabilities during snowy and icy conditions. The prioritization of snow and ice removal will focus on the interior campus only to include pathways frequently traveled by students with specific mobility requirements, as well as buildings in which classes are located. These buildings will be based on the schedules of the students who have self-identified to the Disability Services for Students (DSS) office. Incorporation of the information into a comprehensive snow and ice removal plan can only be done with collaboration of the DSS office and the student themselves. Each students individual snow route is the resulting information developed between DSS and the student in an effort to identify frequently traveled routes on campus and locations of classes. This process must be a timely one and is to be completed at the beginning of each semester. If you are unaware of your eligibility for priority snow and ice removal, you are encouraged to contact DSS at (603) 862-2607.

In an effort to be proactive by providing snow and ice removal plans to eligible students, and considering the unpredictability of the New England weather, the University of New Hampshire provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week snow and ice removal service. If you have an entrance that needs attention call (603) 862-1437. Please give as much notice as possible.

Considering the congestion that can occur on a college campus, use of the campus bus/transit system is highly encouraged to navigate the grounds as well as to get students to and from campus. The University Transportation Services has a comprehensive website

And also provides representatives available 7 days a week to assist students with their transportation needs. Posted schedules are available at and may be printed for convenience. For students with more limited mobility or those in need wheelchair accessible transportation, students may wish to utilize the Wildcat Access Van. With advance notice, the van is willing to come to the door (as close as possible) for pick-up. To make travel arrangements for the Wildcat Access Van contact (603) 862-2328. Every effort will be made to clear a path of travel to a pick-up point for the transit bus, Wildcat Access Van or your vehicle.

If any difficulties, obstacles, or problems arise due to snow and ice removal, please contact DSS (862-2607) or ADA Compliance (862-2930) immediately. Such issues would include bus/transit trouble, uncleared areas identified above, and academic dilemmas due to lateness/attendance. Although it happens infrequently, it is important to be prepared and address the difficulty that inclement weather brings. This plan is the UNH’s help ensuring access. Knowing how to use the bus/transit, allowing additional time for travel, being aware of how buildings “connect”, and notifying DSS or ADA Compliance of concerns are the pieces that you can bring to help ensure success. With cooperation, all things are possible.