Psychological/Emotional Disorders Guidelines

Psychological/Emotional Disorders


Registration materials must consist of:

-A recent evaluation (usually within 6 months; the age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the diagnosis, current impact, and the student's request for accommodations):

  • DSM-IV diagnosis (include all five axes)
  • Procedures used to diagnose the disability (include a list of all instruments used in the assessment and test scores as applicable)
  • Discussion of the assessment results
  • Clinical interview; relevant historical information; age at initial diagnosis; frequency, duration, and severity of the symptomology resulting from the diagnosis and/or any medications(e.g., concentration, attention, sedation); review of past and current academic achievement, and history of disability accommodations and their effectiveness
  • Clear statement specifying the substantial limitations to one or more major life activities.  If the limitations are in learning (e.g., reading, mathematics, and written expression), an appropriate psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation must be administered to document cognitive ability/achievement

Please keep in mind that psychological/emotional disorders are based on comprehensive and appropriate diagnostic evaluations completed by trained and qualified (i.e., licensed or certified) professionals (e.g., psychologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, school psychologists, certified professional counselors, or licensed social workers).

 -It is also recommend to submit the most recent of the following documents from high school, if they exist:

  • Copy of IEP(s)
  • Copy of 504 Plan(s)
  • Copy of Summary of Performance (SOP)

Transfer Students: If you were registered eligible for accommodations and services at another College or University, please have the Disability Services office send a letter of verification of accommodations & services to UNH DSS.  Please have them include the following on their letterhead:

  • Date(s)/length of time you were eligible for services
  • Accommodations & services that were approved