Prospective Students

UNH Guidelines & General Information

In order for students to receive academic or non-academic accommodations, students must first be an accepted UNH student; they must then self-identify and register with Disability Services for Students (DSS),and provide current documentation by a licensed or certified official that states the disability, including the severity, frequency, and duration of the symptoms, and the current impact it has on the student (see Documentation Guidelines). It is expected that the student is an active participant in this process. Documentation should be no more than three to four years old in most cases.  A brief statement written by a physician on a prescription pad is not sufficient documentation.

Request for accommodations & services is a four-step process:

  1. Disclosure of disability through Disability Services Accommodations Request Form and clinical documentation
  2. Initiation of request(s) for services in above documentation
  3. Evaluation of request(s) and clinical documentation by DSS staff
  4. Individual meeting with a DSS staff member (You will be contacted to create this appointment once DSS staff has had a chance to review the clinical documentation). See Timeline for Accommodations.

*Incoming freshman documentation will be evaluated beginning on June 1st.  Students are encouraged to meet with a DSS staff member during day 2 of June Orientation to complete the intake process or discuss any disability-related questions.