Physical Guidelines



Registration materials must consist of:

-A recent evaluation (usually within 1 year)

  • Diagnostic statement of the condition including date of original diagnosis and procedures used to diagnose the disability (include a list of all instruments used in the assessment and test scores as applicable)
  • Discussion of the assessment results and expected duration, stability, or progression of the condition
  • Clinical interview; relevant historical information; age at initial diagnosis; frequency, duration, and severity of the symptomology resulting from the diagnosis and/or any medications; and history of disability accommodations, services, or devices used and their effectiveness
  • If the limitations are in learning (e.g., reading, mathematics, and written expression), an appropriate psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation may be required to document cognitive ability/achievement

-It is also recommend to submit the most recent of the following documents from high school, if they exist: 

  • Copy of IEP(s)
  • Copy of 504 Plan(s)
  • Copy of Summary of Performance (SOP)

Transfer Students: If you were registered eligible for accommodations and services at another College or University, please have the Disability Services office send a letter of verification of accommodations & services to UNH DSS.  Please have them include the following on their letterhead:

  • Date(s)/length of time you were eligible for services
  • Accommodations & services that were approved