Notetaker Responsibilities:

  • Notetakers must be discrete with any known private confidential information regarding the DSS student for whom they are taking notes.
  • Notetakers must attend all lectures and mandatory class meetings. If the notetaker is unable to attend class, he/she is responsible for obtaining any missed notes.
  • Notetakers must scan their notes within 24 hours of the class period and load them onto DSS Notetaking on Blackboard. Use of DSS scanner and training will be provided upon request.
  • Notetakers must begin uploading notes within one week of their date of hire (specified in hiring email).
  • Notes must be legible and thorough. Copies made of the notes must indicate the lecture date, as well as the course and section number.
  • Only one notetaker is assigned per course.
  • The DSS office reserves the right to terminate the services of the notetaker at any time.
  • Notetakers are typically paid $100 for a 3-4 credit course and $50 for a 1-2 credit course. DSS also reserves the right to prorate stipend amounts based on the time period in which the notetaker is hired or posts notes, as well as any quality issues.


Notetaker Assignment Procedure:

Upon completing and submitting availability, students are assigned as a notetaker for a course if there is a match with a registered DSS student.  Students will be notified by DSS via e-mail if a match has been made. Upon the notetaker's acceptance of the offer, guidance will be provided regarding the hiring process. In order to receive timely payment, hiring paperwork must be submitted to the DSS office within two weeks of the hiring date. Stipends will be issued at the end of the semester that the services were provided.

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