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Notetakers Wanted: The application to be a notetaker is online: http://www.unh.edu/disabilityservices/notetaker-availability-form. We keep your availability on file for the semester since we receive notetaker requests continually.



Make Money Helping a Fellow Student

Job involves: Day/ Night

  • Assistance with meals at Hoco
  • Toileting and / Repositioning
  • Accompaniment to appointments (both on and off campus)
  • Assistance with assignments/homework, computer and paperwork.
  • Assistance with specific class activities (occasional, you will not be required to accompany to class on a daily basis)
  • Getting up in morning for class and night in bed.(This requires you to stay in other bunk across the room.)

Applicants should:

-Be able to lift ~150 lb person if required (will train)

-Experience with disability care is a plus but not required

-Be open minded, patient, and professional.

Pay is $9.75/hr. Daytime/ Night is $29.95 per night

To apply, contact Kevin Ennis at 603-918-9177 or kmu273@wildcats.unh.edu.


Seeking individuals who have a compassion for helping others!

I am an incoming UNH college freshman looking for Personal Care Assistance.  I am an active student who likes to keep busy with fun activities as well as dedication to my studies. Due to my physical disability, I need assistance with daily tasks such as getting up and ready during mornings, help in between classes throughout the day, and assistance into bed at night. This position will start during the beginning of the fall semester (late August/early September) and continue throughout the school year. Training will be provided upon hiring. This position pays $9.75 per hour and scheduling can be arranged per meeting.

No experience in health care is necessary, though it is preferred.

Some requirements of this position are…

You must be 18 or older to apply for the position (for legality reasons)

You must be a dependable individual with reliable communication (and must give early notice if unavailable for morning/evening help) 

To contact me…

PHONE: 603-401-1303

EMAIL: all2006@wildcats.unh.edu


PCA Needed!

Hi!  I will be a UNH sophomore living in Congreve during 2014-2015 academic year. I am looking for PCA help with my morning and night time needs. This is a paid job. The hours I am looking for are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00 for approximately 1 1/2 hours and Sunday thru Thursday eves from 9-10:30. If interested please e-mail me. Thanks. 




To post your add here for a PCA or other employment opportunities regarding students with Disabilities at UNH, please contact Rebecca McMillan at rebecca.mcmillan@unh.edu or (603) 862-2607. Please keep checking back throughout the school year!