Accommodations Timeline

Students may request services from Disability Services for Students (DSS) as soon as they are admitted to the University of New Hampshire, , currently enrolled in classes, and/or as soon as they are diagnosed with a disability. While DSS recommends starting this process before the beginning of the semester, students may request assistance at any time of the year. The reviewing process can take one to three weeks or longer depeneding on the time of the semester.

Please Note: (a) If you are submitting a request for services and documentation of disability less than two weeks before final exams, your materials will not be reviewed until the following semester; (b) DSS begins to review incoming freshman documentation on June 1st.

To request disability support services you will need to do the following:

  • Log into Clockwork
  • Complete the 'Online Registration Form'
  • Upload comprehensive information from a licensed professional in the field who can document your disability; click here to view UNH Documentation Guidelines.

Please Note: In order to complete the online registration, you must upload documentation to submit your request! If you do not have documentation to upload, you will be unable to complete the DSS ‘Registration Form’.

The documentation review process can take one to three weeks or longer depeneding on the time of the semester. When the DSS review process is complete, the student will receive an e-mail to their UNH account from the DSS office stating the outcome of the review.

If you are determined to be an eligible student with a disability: you will receive information specifying the how to create an appointment to become registered with the office, learn of the accommodations you are eligible for, and to learn about office policy and procedure specific to those accommodations.

If your materials lack sufficient information: to provide determination of disability status, you will be told what additional information is needed and advised how best to proceed.

If you are determined to be ineligible as a student with a disability at that time: you will receive information detailing specifically why this determination was made.  In addition, you may be referred to academic supports and resources available to all students at UNH.