Winter Weather Closings

Curtailed Operations

When the University calls curtailed operations and classes are cancelled, the operating hours for Dining Services will be as follows:

Monday through Friday

If curtailed operations are called in the morning, Philbrook Dining Hall, Stillings Dining Hall and Holloway Commons dining halls will open at 9am for service. All retail operations (Gables Café Store, Wildcatessen, CornerStone 1926, Union Court , Albert's, Zeke's Café, UNH Dairy Bar, & Philbrook Café) will open when the University reopens.

For example, if curtailed operations are called until 10am, all retail operations will open at 10am.

If curtailed operations are called in the afternoon or evening, the dining halls will close at 7pm. All retail operations will close during curtailed operations and reopen the next available day.


If curtailed operations are called on a Saturday or Sunday, Holloway Commons and Philbrook Dining Hall will be open for service both days from 9am-7pm. All retail operations will remain closed during weekend curtailed operations.


We reserve the right to close dining operations early due to inclement weather regardless of whether or not the University curtails operations based on the safety concern of our employees. Notices will be posted in all dining facilities as soon as decisions are made.