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Meal Plan Policies

2014-2015 Meal Plans

The Campus Premier, Campus, and Core Meal Plans are valid through the last day of meal service in the semester of purchase. Swipe Meal Plans are valid for the entire academic year, carry from semester 1 to semester 2 and are valid through the last day of meal service in May of the academic year in which the plan was purchased. Unused meals are not refundable. The last day for cancellations, changes and refunds is the second Friday of the semester in which the meal plan was purchased. Meal plans are not transferable. Guests may be brought into the dining hall by using a guest pass from your Meal Plan, an additional swipe of your ID card using your Swipe Meal Plan, Dining Dollars, Cat's Cache, or cash. Card owner must be present. Guest passes and Meal to Go passes included with the purchase of Meal Plans if applicable are valid per semester only. Additional purchases of guest and Meal to Go passes carry over to semester 2 if unused, and expire on the last day of meal service in May. Purchased passes are nonrefundable. Meals cannot be exchanged for Dining Dollars.

Meal Provision For Sick Students

We would like to ensure that students are still able to get a nutritious meal when they are ill. We hope by implementing this process, we can provide some comfort during that time.

The sick student needs only to inform their RA /RHD that they need a meal and provide them with their ID.  The RA/RHD then contacts us at the numbers below to let us know that they will be picking up a takeout meal for a sick student.  The RA/RHD can also appoint another person for pick up, if necessary.  Upon arrival, we will provide a takeout container and to go beverages as requested and swipe their ID.

The phone numbers to call by facility to arrange for a meal are:

                Philbrook Hall (603) 862-9331
                Stillings Hall (603) 862-0804
                Holloway Commons (603) 862-0710

Faculty and Staff Meal Plans

Faculty and staff meal plans can be purchased using payroll deduction, check or cash. Meals on these plans roll over from one semester to another and year to year. Unused meals are fully refundable. In the event of separation from the University, UNH can withhold payments due should any meals be used yet not paid. Meal plans are not transferable. Guests may be brought into the dining hall by using an additional swipe of your ID card, Dining Dollars, Cat's Cache or cash. Card owner must be present.

Dining Dollars

Anyone can purchase Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars can be used at all UNH Dining establishments, including the Union Court, Wildcatessen, the Gabe's, Philbrook Café, Albert's, Zeke's Café, UNH Dairy Bar, CornerStone 1926 and all dining halls. Dining Dollars are valid during the academic year of purchase only. A balance will carry from Fall semester to Spring semester and is valid until the end of the meal service in May. Any remaining balance expires and is nonrefundable. Dining Dollars are encoded on your UNH photo ID card.

Dining Hall and ID Card Policies

Dining hall meal services begin on the official opening day and end on the last day of final examinations. Meal services are not provided during University vacations and some holidays. Foods served in the dining halls are available to students on an "all-you-care-to-eat" basis and can't be taken out without the use of a Meal to Go pass. Guests are expected to conduct themselves in the dining halls in a manner conducive to quiet enjoyment of meal times by all. Cooperation with stated procedures such as the self-bussing of trays is expected. Misuse of food and removal of dining hall property is prohibited and subject to disciplinary action.

Lost Cards

A charge of $25 is required to replace a lost, stolen or damaged photo ID card and a $15 charge to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged non-photo dining card. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the Dining ID Office (603) 862-1821 or suspended at At this page, log into your Blackboard account, click on the Cat's Cache tab and then choose Suspend Card. Only the balance of meals, Dining Dollars, Cat's Cache and guest passes on the card at the time the card is suspended can be protected. No temporary cards will be issued. Until your ID card is replaced, you will not have access to your balance of Dining Dollars, meal passes, Cat's Cache or meal plan except owners of the Anytime Meal Plans because the hand scanner can be used for admission into the dining hall. Your University ID card is strictly nontransferable. The owner of the ID card is responsible for its security and proper use and subject to a $25 fine for its unauthorized use.


Refunds on meal plans after the second Friday of each semester will be granted only with management approval or withdrawal from the University. If approved, Campus Premier, Campus and Core Meal Plans will be refunded based on the following: weeks and partial weeks attended will be charged at the weekly rate. Unused Dining Dollar balances will be refunded.