Meal Plan Payment

For Students Living on Campus

UNH Dining provides several different meal plans and payment options to fit students' eating habits and budgets. Students on any of the meal plans may choose to eat in any of the dining halls, Holloway Commons, Philbrook Dining Hall and Stillings Dining Hall, regardless of where they live.

All students who reside in University housing (except Babcock Hall and the Gables and Woodside apartment residents) are required to purchase a meal plan from the designated mandatory choices.

Payment Options

The UNH Dining/ID Office provides you with your UNH photo ID card. This office also processes your meal plan choice, provides guest passes, and is where you can purchase Cat's Cache and Dining Dollars. When you purchase a Campus Premier Plan, Campus Plan or Core Plan, we enroll you in our hand recognition security system for unlimited access to all UNH dining halls.

Methods of payment accepted are cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted. You can also choose to have your tuition account billed in one lump sum through the 2nd week of the 2nd semester.

If ordering online, the charge automatically goes onto your student tuition account which is viewable within 24 hours on your WebCat account.

Meal Plans Available

2014-2015 Meal Plans
Faculty/Staff - Pay for your meal plan through payroll deduction!
Departments - Pay for a meal plan for your department through POB. Split up the meals among others in your department and each pay your share!


To order your meal plan online, click here.

To cancel/change your meal plan, click here. Last date for downgrades and cancellations is the 2nd Friday in the semester of which the meal plan was purchased.

Dining / ID Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Holloway Commons, Room 101
75 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603)862-1821 or (603)862-CARD