What You Can Do

So often, people want to contribute to their town but aren't sure how. To give you a few ideas, listed below are ways you can help keep your community strong and healthy. And we're always looking for new ideas to share so feel free to contact us with your sustainable solution.

In the Dining Halls

  • Start a meal by taking small food portions that fit on one plate. Eat slowly and enjoy the food. You can always go back for more if you desire.
  • Use one glass at a time. Once again, you can always help yourself to another glass if you desire.
  • Focus on reduction of waste, not just recycling
    • Take one napkin at each meal. If you need more, you can get more. This helps reduce paper waste.
    • Re-use your Dining travel mug instead of using paper cups or glasses.
    • Utilize the dining halls for sit down meals rather than getting take out that utilizes paper and to go containers that will be thrown away.
    • When you do have disposable items avoid throwing them in the trash. Instead, use a recycling bin for plastic, paper and cardboard items.
    • Consider the packaging of purchased items. Is there a large amount of disposable plastic or packaging? For instance, if you buy yogurt, get a large tub instead of individual cups.
    • Thin out the number of times you have to dispose of plastics or other packaging. For instance, instead of buying cans of soda, try drinking water or brewing tea on occasion. It will save resources, even if you try it for just one day!

At Home

Buy Local Products or Grow Your Own

  • Nothing tastes better than fresh veggies right from the garden. Consider starting your own garden with help from your local gardening center.
  • Consider visiting a "pick your own" farm where you can harvest apples, pumpkins, peaches and more!
  • Make an effort to find local products in your favorite grocery store.
  • Go to farmers markets or farm stands for fresh fruit, produce and more. For a listing of local organic farmers, click here.


Creating a compost area at your home reduces waste and gives you a fantastic mulch that can be used in gardening. Click here to view a composting guide.


One of the most rewarding experiences in life can be to give of yourself. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer throughout New Hampshire. Take a look at Volunteer NH! for a variety of options.

Energy Conservation

From light bulbs to refrigerators, there are a number of ways you can save money and conserve energy at home. Although there is an increased purchase price for Energy Star products, the amount of money you'll save over the life of the product will far outweigh the higher price at the register.

Water Conservation

As important as energy conservation, water conservation can be done at home by installing low flow shower heads and toilets, washing dishes by hand or reducing the number of days you water your lawn. For more creative ways to cut back water consumption visit Water, Use it Wisely.


Something that many homes and businesses already do, recycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce waste. Contact your towns recycling center for information about local recycling guidelines or visit New Hampshire the Beautiful for resources and literature.