Our Stories

Xiomara Alban

Xiomara Albán grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, the middle of three girls. Her mother and father were born in Ecuador, making Xio
a first generation American, in addition to a first generation college student.  Read More about Xiomara

Noha Elmohands

Talking about my religion, my race, and my gender has given me visibility that many students have not had.  It has allowed me to be empathetic toward a wide range of student experiences. Meet Noha Elmohands, recent host of the MLK Commemorative Address. Watch the video on her student call to action

Nyomi Guzman

"Ethics and social justice have always been important to Guzman, even as a high school student in Amherst, N.H..", Guzman was recently accepted to work on ROC USA, through her involvement with the Carsey Social Innovation Internship program, which led to her recent project of building social networking websites for senior citizen communities.  Guzman, a double major in communications and women's studies, also finds time to mentor first-year students and was chair of the Diversity Support Coalition.  Read more  

Matthew Richards

McNair scholar Matthew Richards, participated in a survey of high school coaches aimed at assessing the effects of a UNH coaching education program on their perceptions of their coaching efficacy. Coaching efficacy is a coach's confidence in his/her own abilities to affect the desired learning and performance of their athletes. Read the article from Undergraduate Research Journal >>

Mike Vidal

Michael went on a summer research trip to the University of Ghana for eight weeks. Michael focused his research on challenges in development, particularly higher education access for underrepresented groups. He credits this experience as the “most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.” Read More about Mike