Faculty Members

Stacia Sower, PhD
David Berlinksy, PhD
Cheryl Whistler, PhD
Dave Townson, PhD
Molly Lutcavage, PhD

Support Staff

Jeff Hall, PhD

Visiting Scholars

Mihael Freamat, PhD
Nerine Joseph, PhD
Rebecca Hudson-Davis, PhD
Marty Wong

Faculty Members

Stacia Sower, PhD, Professor »

Director of the Center for Molecular and Comparative Endocrinology

Ph: 603 862-2103

Stacia is the Center's scientific director and the principal investigator.


Stacia Sower

David Berlinsky, PhD»

Associate Professor - Department of Biological Sciences

Ph: 603 862-0007

David's research primarliy focuses on improving the culture of commercially important finfish species by understanding and ultimately controlling physiological processes.


David Berlinsky

Cheryl Whistler, PhD»

Associate Professor - Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences

Ph: 603 862-4095

Cheryl's research focuses on beneficial host-microbe interactions.


Cheryl Whistler

Dave Townson, PhD»

Associate Professor - Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences

Ph: 603 862-3475

Dave’s research focuses on the influence of the immune system on ovarian function and fertility in animals at the systemic, cellular and molecular levels.



Dave Townson

Molly Lutcavage, PhD »

Associate Research Professor - Department of Environmental Conservation, UMass

Affiliate Research Professor - Department of Biological Sciences

Ph: 978 283-0269

Molly's research focuses on population biology, physiological ecology, the bluefin tuna program, sea turtle research and conservation.


Support Staff

Jeff Hall, PhD

Research Scientist

Ph: 603 862-2171

Jeff supports Center investigators in the design and execution of project research including a wide spectrum of gene expression analysis (Real time PCR, In situ hybridization), microscopy, and immunohistological techniques. He is also actively involved in the annotation of hormones in the lamprey genome working with a group of international scientists.


Jeff Hall

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Mihael Freamat »

Visiting Faculty 2012

Ph: 603 862-0044

Samantha Murphy

Dr. Nerine Joseph »

Visiting Scholar 2010- 2011

Ph: 603 862-0044



Dr. Rebecca Hudson-Davies »

Visiting Scholar 2010

Ph: 603 862-0044



Dr. Marty Wong »

Visiting Scholar 2009




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