Why Civil Engineering at UNH?


What Makes the BSCE Program Unique

Fortunately, there are excellent civil engineering programs throughout New England and the United States.  Most, like ours, are fully accredited by ABET, Inc. and result in a degree that fulfills a cornerstone requirement for obtaining professional licensure in civil engineering.  As such these programs have clearly stated goals for students and alumni.  So why choose to come to UNH for the BSCE?

The Curriculum:  The Civil Engineering faculty are constantly assessing how our curriculum achieves our goals and objectives for our students.  A great deal of effort has been taken over the years to provide academic rigor in a program that results in skilled students who go on to have successful careers.  The result is a curriculum that offers students a chance to jump right in and make sure that civil engineering is the right career for them.  While other programs may focus solely on basic math and science early on, no fewer than seven classes in the first two years of the UNH BSCE program are specifically tailored for civil engineering students.  While we do not have formal internship requirements, we do teach AutoCAD and surveying in the first year so that students have marketable skills in civil engineering by the summer.  Math, physics, and chemistry classes are spread out to even the work load.  Elective classes in non-engineering disciplines are scheduled throughout the program to provide variety and a break from the technical.  Students are assessed after their first two years and need to achieve certain academic benchmarks before continuing on to their junior year and, as mentioned previously, senior students have five upper level technical electives and a broad variety of courses from which to choose to fill them.

The University:  UNH is ideally located providing ready access to the sea, the mountain, Boston, and Maine (http://admissions.unh.edu/why-unh/).  We have excellent facilities including world class libraries and athletic facilities.  Student activities are broad and varied including a wide variety of student organizations, intramural and varsity sports, and events.  We strongly recommend visiting the campus and taking a campus tour.

The Professors:  Our professors teach our undergraduates and are readily available to our undergraduate students.  Excellent undergraduate teaching is a primary focus of the Department’s and our professors have won numerous awards.

The Students:  Our students are a thriving, dedicated, friendly bunch who work well together both when in the same classes and when helping others outside of class.  We currently have over 350 BSCE students pursuing each discipline within civil engineering.  Our students actively participate in nationally recognized student organizations such as ASCE, SWE, ΤΒΠ, and NSBE.  We also regularly participate in national competitions such as the ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition and the AISC Steel Bridge Competition.

Kingsbury Hall:  The BSCE program finds its home in Kingsbury Hall.  Kingsbury benefited from a $40 million dollar renovation and expansion in 2007 and features state-of-the art classrooms and laboratories and also includes a superb engineering library and plenty of student space including study rooms, meeting rooms, and even Albert’s Café.

National and International Opportunities:  UNH BSCE students have unique opportunities to study away.  Our students participate in the National Student Exchange program providing opportunities in nearly all of the 50 states.  Our BSCE students can also travel abroad in their sophomore and junior years taking engineering classes in English that keep them on track for a graduation in four years.  In addition to a UNH-managed program in Edinburgh, Scotland, we offer an unusual dual major program in civil engineering and international affairs.  In addition to these, the Department Exchange Coordinator assists students in finding appropriate UNH Approved study abroad opportunities in other countries and our students have successfully to France, Ireland and Australia as well as locations in Central and South America.

Honors:  Our faculty regularly support and sponsor both University Honors Students and our Honors-In-Majors students.  In the University Honors program, invited students take four courses in their first two years as well as the courses required by the Honors-In-Majors students.  All honors student take three upper level courses in civil engineering for honors and complete a senior thesis before graduating.  For specific details of this program, click here.

Graduate School:  UNH students with a high enough grade point average can apply for early admission to graduate school and fast track their graduate studies by beginning to take graduate courses in their senior year.  Our graduate students can choose between thesis and non-thesis masters degrees.  The thesis degree program often allows our graduate students to work as research and teaching assistants thus providing a tuition waiver and a stipend.  The non-thesis program allows students more time to focus on coursework thus making it possible to graduate in one year.  As such, students in the UNH BSCE program can go on and complete both the BSCE and MSCE degrees in five years.  Furthermore, BSCE students that decide to study elsewhere have found their preparation to be excellent and our students have excelled in graduate programs worldwide.