Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Research Overview at UNH

Water resources issues are intimately entwined with civilization.  Issues include water supply, sanitation, river hydraulics, groundwater, snow hydrology, stream crossings, and stormwater management.  No matter how or where water flows, it obeys the laws of physics, and these laws are used to describe the flow characteristics (velocity, depth) as well as the movement of pollutants.  The great strides in technology have improved our ability to monitor hydraulics in the lab or in the field, as well to model the intricate nature of fluid movement.  Hydrology and water resources research at UNH covers the depth and breadth of issue, including:

Stream temperature characteristics

Snow hydrology

Infrastructure adaptation to climate change

Remote sensing of soil moisture

Stormwater management

Stream restoration

Bedrock hydrogeology

Groundwater – surface water interactions

Dam removal

Research Areas and Links 


Current Active Research Projects



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 NSF, 2012-2016: “RCN-SEES: Engineering Research Collaboratory for Sustainable Infrastructure in a Changing Climate.” PI.
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