UNH Managed Faculty-led Short-term Programs

The following programs are less than one-month in duration and offered during Spring Break and Summer.

ANSC510: Integration of Culture and Agriculture in Ireland: Past, Present, and Future
What was the worst natural disaster in 19th century Europe? What characterizes Ireland's agriculture in the 21st century? In this interdisciplinary course, students examine the cultural, historical, political, economical, and religious influences on Ireland's agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. The crowning experience of the course, a 10-day study abroad in late May, provides students with a window to the world as they experience the culture, agriculture, and topograhpy of Ireland. Students will immerse themselves in local history and culture as they tour working agricultural farms, university research facilities, and cultural landmarks.
For more information, contact Patty Bedker at pdbedker@unh.edu.

ANSC520: Classical Dressage Experience in Portugal
2-credit class with a weekly seminar preparing students for 1 week in Portugal to receive Classical dressage training at L'Escola de Equitação de Alcainça during spring break or at the end of spring semester after exams. Learn more.

ANTH 675: Summer Four-week Archaeological Field School in Belize
The archaeological field school in Belize (ANTH 675) offers undergraduate students hands-on training in field and lab techniques. This is a Center for International Education (CIE) program offered to UNH students under the direction of UNH Professor Eleanor Harrison-Buck (ery25@cisunix.unh.edu) in the Dept. of Anthropology. Learn more.

CHIN 400: Summer Short-Study Chinese Program in Chengdu
This summer short-study program (just under 3 weeks long) includes travel and intensive Chinese language study at both the beginner and advanced levels at Chengdu University in China. The city of Chengdu is the economic hub for China’s southwest. It is also the hometown for the giant Pandas. Forbes Magazine recently ranked the city of Chengdu as the No. 1 city with the greatest potential. Students also visit the cities of Beijing and Xian. The program typically runs in late May and early June. It is open to all students; however, space is limited.

EDUC 880/780: Belize - New Hampshire Teacher Program
This program is open to graduate students in education, upper-level education majors, and professional teachers earning continuing education credits. The 4-graduate credit class offered in the spring semester. Participants will attend pre-trip workshops to learn about the educational, geographical, historical, and cultural background of Belize and design a project to integrate their personal interests and objectives with in-country activities. During February vacation, participants will spend 8-11 days in Belize. Learn more.

SW 785/885: Comparative Social Welfare Systems in Dublin and Belfast, Ireland
4/3 credits in which students study social welfare history, child/family services, and peace and reconciliation in Ireland and Northern Ireland. In June, students will spend 9 days in the heart of Dublin, 1 day long visit to Belfast: touring the city, learning about child welfare policy and services as well as peace and reconciliation from an international perspective. View flyer.
Contact: Martha Byam, Martha.byam@unh.edu or Robert Jolley Robert.jolley@unh.edu

SW 897/797: Social Action in the Dominican Republic
3-graduate credits or 4-undergraduate credit course in which students will examine the issues of race, culture, and social justice in the Dominican Republic, through the mediums of service work alongside our Dominican hosts, lectures, discussions, and assignments during UNH’s spring break. Open to graduate students in Social Work and undergraduate students studying social work and Spanish language. View flyer.
Contact Matthew Toms, course instructor, at matthew.w.toms@gmail.com.