Registration at UNH

Study Abroad Registration

The Study Abroad Registration process consists of three phases: paperwork, International Travel Registry and the pre-departure orientation. If you depart for a study abroad program without completing these three steps, you will be unregistered and thus will not receive UNH financial aid and no transfer credit for your courses.


Your UNH registration for study abroad is one of the most important processes you will go through, in preparation for your time in foreign lands. As long as you read and follow the instructions, and stick to the deadlines, it is not hard and does not have to take long.

The forms necessary for UNH registration can be downloaded here. The links are also emailed to you by CIE as soon as you have notified your Study Abroad Advisor of your program application.

Make sure to fill out all the forms that apply to you, add any additional paperwork that is required and adhere to the deadline given to you to submit the paperwork (electronically) to CIE. Check your UNH email on a regular basis - we will send reminders about any missing paperwork. You will not be registered for your study abroad coursework unless we have received all necessary paperwork from you.


You will receive an email from, titled ‘Your Upcoming UNH International Travel: Action Required’. In this email, you will be instructed to create a Traveler profile, upload your passport information, enter emergency contact information and submit your travel details.


Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation (a Saturday afternoon early May/early December).