The Newsletter of UNH Global Engagement
Spring 2014

Subhash Minocha Receives Excellence in International Engagement Award

Professor Subhash Minocha

Dr. Subhash C. Minocha, longtime professor of plant biology and genetics in the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, director of the biology program, and director of Project SMART, was selected as the 2013 recipient of the Excellence in International Engagement Award for his outstanding service to the university in the international arena. He shares his research and expertise in many countries, including Kazakhstan, where he recently lectured on plant biotechnology and genetic engineering. In the spring of 2013, he travelled to Jordan to give lectures, hold discussions, and to talk about the exciting learning opportunities at UNH’s Project SMART (read his report). To learn more about his biotechnology work in Kazakhstan, refer to this article from the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

He is passionate about teaching and promoting international collaboration. Project SMART, a summer institute at UNH, brings talented high school students in science and mathematics to campus to pursue further studies. These students, from Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Canada, and India, also provide NH students the opportunity to engage with their peers from around the world.

NH International Seminar

This semester, Dr. Minocha, a CIE International Travel Grant recipient, was a speaker in the NH International Seminar Series. He gave a presentation on “Biotechnology and Agriculture: Challenges Ahead for Jordan and Kazakhstan.” The next speaker in the well-received series is Professor Tom Safford from the Department of Sociology. Mark your calendar for April 15 when he will discuss “Oil, Development & the Environment: Coastal Brazil at a Crossroads.”