The Newsletter of UNH Global Engagement
Spring 2013

From the Directors

A lot is happening at our international offices this semester—business as usual, of course! At the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), we are stepping up our efforts to better integrate international students to the campus community. Buddies Without Borders ( was launched this semester in collaboration with the ESL Institute, Fairchild Hall and the Memorial Union Building. This program matches domestic with international students based on interests to promote friendships and culture sharing. We are so pleased with the overwhelming response with over 100 students participating to date.

OISS director Leila Paje-Manalo
Leila Paje-Manalo

OISS has also developed a partnership with Campus Recreation to provide opportunities for international students to experience various outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, skiing and weekend canoeing. Campus “discovery visits” to the Library Museum, Museum of Art, Health Services and Channel 11, among others, are offered to ESL students and serve a dual purpose: to introduce students to campus offices and resources and to improve their conversational and writing skills. Building community is also a priority so we have established regular meetings and get-togethers with students, scholars and their families to strengthen personal and professional connections and create vital support networks.

CIE director Claire Malarte-Feldman
Claire Malarte-Feldman

OISS devotes a lot of time to ensuring that their programs are running smoothly and that their constituents are receiving the care and attention necessary to support their success. And so does the Center for International Education (CIE), with the safety and health of our international travelers at the core of our services. CIE is beginning to see the payback of having implemented an International insurance program for all of UNH students, staff and faculty traveling on UNH-related activities (see article in this issue). We are looking forward to the imminent announcement of the creation of a complementary travel registry that will enable us to quickly and easily track university community members abroad. Stay tuned for details. CIE is also pleased to welcome on board a new study abroad staff member, Alexander Lindsay, who will start in early April as our International Education Program Support Assistant. Finally, this summer we will host a young intern from France, Florent Clinchamp, who will volunteer with us for two months as part of the degree that he is pursuing in France.

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue which highlights a few of the many ways UNH is making an impact in the world, including an alumna’s work on empowering farmers to use sustainable practices in Latin America, a post-doctoral researcher’s quest to increase soil fertility in Uganda, a student’s internship with Amnesty International as well as undergraduate students’ immersion in study away experiences across the globe. Closer to home, UNH welcomed the 9th cohort of international students last fall to a unique postgraduate program for intensive training in ocean mapping techniques. Inbound or outbound, UNH students, faculty and staff are internationally engaged and making a difference!

Our collective endeavors and accomplishments in the international arena deserve recognition and we hope to do just that in future issues. We invite you to send event announcements and story ideas for consideration to Gregg Orifici, the editor of the UNH International Educator.

Leila Paje-Manalo Claire Malarte-Feldman
OISS Director CIE Director