The Newsletter of UNH Global Engagement
Fall 2013

From the Director's Corner

CIE director Claire Malarte-Feldman in Istanbul
Claire Malarte-Feldman in Istanbul

As I set up to write this piece, I cannot help thinking that it is quite likely the last one of this sort that I'll be writing, and I feel sad. The last six years that I spent at CIE have been some of the most gratifying in my whole professional life. The work at CIE is always interesting, often challenging, and occasionally crazy. But working with the CIE team is consistently rewarding. It was such a privilege to consider myself part of that team. I am proud of our accomplishments over those years. When I came on board we had 5.24 full-time positions; I'll leave the center with 7.41 full-time positions and a Hood House lecturer to teach a large part of the core courses in the International Affairs dual major program. CIE is now a well-staffed, well-functioning office, which can make UNH proud of the services it delivers. We recently hit a milestone of sending approximately 800 students abroad per year, which represents 26.77 % of UNH undergraduate students studying abroad (an increase of 6.77% since 2007). Since the first class graduated in 1985, the number of International Affairs alumni has reached 870. Our strategy to internationalize UNH worked: we now have a Confucius Institute on campus; Navitas brings more and more international students to diversify and enrich our campus; and in the summer of 2014, a new full-time senior administrator, with demonstrated expertise in international education, will take the lead of a larger structure which will house most things international at UNH. I can say without a doubt that CIE has grown into a truly respectable and respected center of expertise on international partnerships, study abroad programs development, international risk management and international affairs instruction. Thank you to all of my CIE team members who make our daily work in Hood House look like fun, to all my UNH colleagues who tirelessly give time and energy for the benefit of international education and to all the generous donors who help us at CIE make study abroad more affordable.

I feel sad, that is true. I'll miss CIE very much when I leave at the end of December 2013. But I leave the Center in the very capable hands of Beth Kılinç who has been approved to serve as CIE interim director for the remainder of the academic year. And I feel very glad that I was here to help create these changes and to set in motion the direction in which international education is heading at UNH. Also, I am looking forward to my long overdue sabbatical leave in my beloved Languedoc, to going back to my research, and next year, to rejoining my home department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Claire Malarte-Feldman
CIE Director