The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Spring 2012

Editorial Board

The UNH International Educator, in an effort to comprehensively engage and report on the University's diverse range of international activity, established its first Editorial Board. Current members, from all UNH colleges and many of its centers, offices and institutes, include:

Caitlin Baldwin, CEPS Claire Malarte-Feldman, CIE
Sara Cleaves, Sustainability Georgeann Murphy, Hamel Center
Victoria Courtland, COLSA Richard Parks, UNH Fellowships
John Deziel, OISS John Resch, COLA
Susan Dumais, COLA LLC David Sims, UNH EOS
Marisa Forti, UNHM Neil Vroman, CHHS
Bobbi Gerry, Navitas at UNH Yige Wang, Confucius Institute
Lynnette Hentges, UNH OSVPR Emily West, UNH School of Law
William Maddocks, Carsey Insitute Elena Whittaker, WSBE
Gregg Orifici, Editor
Wen Houle, Designer/Assistant to Editor