The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Fall 2012

IA ALUMNI—at UNH and Beyond

Wondering where international affairs alumni are these days? Why, just take a look at the map! And for armchair travelling, view student and alumni travel blogs. Consider adding yours to our Pinterest board by contacting CIE.

We thought you might be interested to learn which of your fellow graduates have returned to UNH as part of their career path:

Recently, Sara Gormady ’09 was a graduate assistant in the Graduate School and Natalia Leuchanka ’11 worked in the Student Postal Center. Please let us know if you are presently or have in the past worked at the university.

Lisa Mulvey
Katie Whittemore
Xiomara Alban

Michael Sevilla ’89 writes a blog, Pattern Cognition, about patterns, events, and insights focusing on Web 2.0 technologies.

Caitlin Dinan Rock
Caitlin Dinan (’04) Rock

James “Skip” Burns ’04 founded V3 Leadership in 2008 and GapSmart in 2009. In summer of 2011, Skip joined the Boston location of Bottom Line, an organization that helps disadvantaged high school students get in to college, graduate, and go far in life.

Caitlin Dinan (’04) Rock is a testing coordinator for online and independent Learning at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Jacqueline Lewin holding saffron from The Yale Farm
Jacqueline Lewin holding saffron from The Yale Farm

If you live within driving distance of UNH, mark your calendar for November 14 for Jacqueline Lewin’s presentation on “Food Literate Leadership—Your Role in International Food Systems Reform” as part of International Education Week. Jackie is a 2005 French/IA alumna who works as an event and outreach coordinator at Yale University's Yale Sustainable Food Project. She also received a Master'’s in Food Culture from Slow Food's Uniersity of Gastronomic Sciences in Parma, Italy.

Jonathan Sherman ’04 was a director of mine management and community relations consultant for Core Values Mining & Exploration Co., et al and is now living in China.

Courtney Hazelton ’06 is an innovation coordinator at G Adventures in the Toronto, Canada area.

Yanni Karalis ’06 is an international graduate trainee at Delhaize America in North Carolina. He was recently featured in UNH Magazine for his help with the Special Olympics World Championship 2011 in Athens, Greece.

Sophia Weeks at the Great Wall of China
Sophia Weeks at the Great Wall of China

Myra Khan ’07 is a project assistant at Harvard Global Health Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Katie Conrad ’09 is working for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation as a wetland restoration research assistant.

Gaby Tirado ’10 is an executive assistant at ACS, a Xerox company in Guatemala.

Sara Lemelin ’10 works in Boston as a marketing manager for Fiksu, a new marketing technology company.

On the Pacific coast in the San Francisco area, Sophia Weeks ’10 is employed as a regional director for Adventures Cross-Country, a company that caters to student and youth travel.

Megan Wengrove ’10 is using her Fulbright award to conduct research on flood risk assessment in relation to estuarine inlets in the Netherlands. Read the related article.

Sarah Cattin '11
Sarah Cattin

Chris Buchanan ’11 graduated with a political science major, but his talents and interest in music has landed him a fun dj career in electronic music--related the article in The New Hampshire.

Sarah Cattin ’11 is a staff assistant in the Global Events & Professional Development Department at the Institute of International Finance in Washington DC.

Patrick Logue ’11 is currently pursuing his Masters in Translation in Granada, Spain.

Patrick Logue in Spain
Patrick Logue in Spain

Sebastian Sink ’11 is a self-employed translation specialist (German-English) and musician in New York.

Tobi Afolayan ’12 is an account manager at PC Connection.

This past summer Amelia Marden ’12 taught at a charter school through Teach for America's "Institute" training in Philadelphia. Currently, she is teaching international geography to English Language Learners at UP Academy in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She writes that "Teach for America is a fantastic program for any students interested in teaching, and since it is only a 2-year contract, it makes a great transition out of college life. Also, there is such a high need for teachers of English to speakers of other languages, which makes all bilingual individuals (ie: all IA grads) great candidates. Please don't hesitate to contact me with regards to this next spring!” (Contact CIE if you are interested.)