The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Fall 2012

Scholarships and Giving

CIE Now Offering Fall Round of Study Abroad Scholarships

Students seeking a scholarship to study abroad no longer have to apply up to 15 months in advance of their program. Now, instead of an annual spring process, CIE implemented two competitions, with strong consideration for the fall awards placed on financial need, and strong consideration placed on academic merit for spring.

Approximately six to ten scholarships will be awarded each semester, ranging from $500-$1,500 grants for eligible undergraduates. In addition to this, students may now compete each semester for the Foley Jackson Scholarship of $5,000, based on both financial need and academic merit.

Bill and Martha Jackson Double their Scholarship Support of Study Abroad

In 2004, UNH alumni Martha and Bill Jackson established the Martha L. Foley and William S. Jackson Fund for International Studies to encourage New Hampshire students to study abroad. This year, CIE is honored to report that the Jacksons doubled their contribution, now enabling two students per year to receive their $5,000 scholarship, the most generous award CIE offers. This fall’s recipient is Audrey Petteruti who will be studying in France next spring.

While the Jacksons are keen to support motivated and academically excellent students, their fundamental hope is to encourage students whose financial constraints might otherwise prohibit study abroad.

Bill and Martha Jackson credit the huge impact UNH has had on their lives as their motivation for giving back: “As a French major at UNH, having the opportunity to live and study in France my junior year was a transformative experience for me. Bill was able to attend UNH only as a result of receiving a full financial aid package. As a WSBE graduate who went on to have a successful corporate career, Bill recognizes the importance of understanding other peoples and cultures in the global world we live in. We feel very fortunate to be able to give back so that current UNH students can experience all that UNH and studying abroad has to offer.”