Center for International Education
Spring 2011

From the Director

Times are changing...

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman

As the end of yet another academic year looms large on the horizon (and still so much left to do…!), it is striking how much has been happening around here since I last wrote to you.

Study abroad advisor Jeff Sherman left CIE to devote his full time and energy to the completion of his masters degree in the Department of Political Science, with an eye out for the right Ph.D. program for the future. We miss him and wish him the best in his academic endeavors. Our wonderful intern from the School for International Training, Bradi Lenentine ’07, completed a six-month-long internship with us, and following a camping adventure in Africa, she became a marketing and admissions officer for Navitas at UMass-Lowell. Sheila McCurdy, the heart and soul of the Center, will retire at the end of June after 28 years of service to international education. Please note the date of May 13th to come and celebrate with us at the Piscataqua Room from 4 to 6 PM.

Our International Affairs majors and alumni continue to make us proud. Sasa Tang ‘11 has been selected to receive the 2011 University Women’s Award and Florence Reed ‘90 will receive a UNH Honorary Degree at commencement in May.

The Center has been immersed in the work of the President’s Panel for Internationalizing UNH. Beth Kilinc is a co-chair of the Policies and Procedures working group, and I co-chair the Leadership and Organization working group. Weekly meetings and long hours of work throughout the semester have been slowly and surely leading to the careful articulation of exciting short-term and longer-term goals, which will put international education at the core of UNH’s mission. By the end of this semester the group will present a report to President Huddleston with recommendations for implementation as early as next academic year. International education has evolved greatly in the last twenty-five years. More students want to learn in an ever-growing number of destinations. More students want to earn a dual major in International Affairs. More students not only want to study diverse languages and cultures, but also to solve global issues that affect us all, and thus seek more opportunities for internships and community service. CIE is working hard at supporting their many needs while ensuring their safety and well-being. When the time comes to implement the international initiative of the UNH strategic plan, CIE wants to be ready to move the university forward, taking on the educational challenges we are facing in the 21st century.