The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Fall 2011

IA ALUMNI: Where in the world is. . . ?

Rani Tudor (’89) Mullen, Assistant Professor of Government at the College of William and Mary, is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, India.

Michael Maynard ’99 - This summer, Michael moved from New York City to Uganda to take a position with QCIL, a Ugandan company that has WHO pre-qualification to manufacture ACT (malaria) and ARV (HIV/AIDS) pharmaceutical products. He will be doing the corporate strategy and business development piece for them. CIE put him in touch with Corey Duefield ’92, who previously lived in Uganda.

Jonathan Sherman ’04 is living in Zhengzhou, Henan teaching English and studying Mandarin.

Michelle Giguere (’06) Hollett will graduate in May 2012 from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a M.A. in International Educational Development. She is currently interning at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, in the section of Education for Sustainable Development.

Nora Larkin ’06 has been teaching English in Salzburg, Austria since 2012.

Michael Allard ’07 will be headed to Eastern Europe early next year to teach English for the Peace Corps.

Emma Brown ’07 and Jacob Howard ’07, now married, are in their third year of teaching English in Thailand. They are looking for more English teaching jobs for next year and would appreciate any contacts. (Please contact newsletter editor to have your message forwarded.)

Emily Roberts '08 with her groom Ryan Green in Uganda
Emily Roberts ’08 with her groom Ryan Green in Uganda

Susannah Pratt ’07 is a global logistics coordinator at Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., a leading provider of outdoor, snowsports and lifestyle products and equipment based in Utah.

Nicolas Tanner ’07 is in Kyrgyzstan working as a photojournalist and reporter. He is also a photojournalist stringer for AP; one of his photos was just published by The New York Times (view article) and The International Herald Tribune. Nic has also just been hired as a photographer by the UNHCHR to document the peace process in Osh city after the ethnic violence last year. In March 2012, look for one of his stories with photos in Downeast Magazine.

Emily Roberts ’08 (photo left) made her fourth trip to Uganda since her 2007 International Research Opportunities (IROP) grant to work with rural nurses. This visit culminated in a traditional Ugandan introduction ceremony where 200 villagers welcomed her new husband, Ryan Green, into the tribe.

Laura Smetana ’08 married Greg Hebda '08 this summer. The couple lives in Illinois where Laura works as a development associate at the Chinese American Service League, a non-profit social service agency that connects families and individuals of all ages with the vital support they need to flourish and contribute to the greater Chicago community.

Marie Gakuba ’09 is is a program coordinator for Himalayan Cataract Project in Vermont. HCP is a leader in international health innovation in the developing world in serving unserved blind people.

Corey Malone ’09 is in his second year of teaching in Misato, Japan.

Spencer Kenyon ’10 is a second lieutenant in the U. S. Marine Corps, currently serving as a public affairs officer.

Madlena Komarova ’10 participated in Ottawa Fashion Week as a designer coordinator.

Kayla Timmons ’10 worked for Oxfam America at the Boston headquarters as the GROW Campaign and Outreach intern before moving to Burlington, VT to work as a Development Associate with Hunger Free Vermont.

Kevin Kennedy ’11 is teaching English in Spain.

Christine Kratz ’11 is now an events coordinator with Altieri Events in Brookline, MA.

Vanessa Richards ’11 is teaching English in Granada (Viznar), Spain.

Abbey White ’11 is teaching English in Almeria (El Ejido), Spain.

Sasa Tang ’11 is currently working in Boston for Oxfam America. She will be heading to Morocco to serve in the Peace Corps from March 2012-June 2014.

Samantha Corti ’12 is teaching English in Istanbul, Turkey.

Joshua Richards ’12 is teaching English and studying Mandarin at Chengdu University in China (see Confucius Institute article).

Teaching English Abroad

If you were keeping count, there are 11 alumni listed above who are currently or will soon be teaching English abroad. This is a common career step for IA graduates seeking to improve their foreign language proficiency, help others to learn English, and travel. We thought it might be interesting to see what other IA alumni also taught English abroad...take a look!

Justin Laurion with students in South Korea

“Never thought I would enjoy this job as much as I do. I'm really liking the teaching experience and doing it in Japan. ... I highly suggest others try this out because it's fun and rewarding.”
                         ~ Corey Malone

“I'd definitely recommend the program to anyone looking to go into education (teaching or admin) or who wants a more intense experience living abroad. I'm currently looking into graduate programs in international education in the U.S. and online, in case I don't want to return to the U.S.!”
                         ~ Nora Larkin

  Fr. Paul Catena ’88:  1991 - Padua, Italy
  Christine McFeeley (’94) Sprovieri:  1998-1999, Cali Colombia;
                                                      1999-2000, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  Charlie Carey ’96:  1998-2000 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Cara Metell ’02:  2009 - Stuttgart, Germany
  Justin Laurion ’06:  2006-2008 - South Korea
  Mary Mihovan ’08:  2009-2010 - Quito, Ecuador
  Lisa Mulvey ’08:  2008-2009 - Saint Malo, France
  Zach Rachins ’08:  2008-2009 - Santiago, Chile
  Rachel Wells (’10) McLaughlin:  2010 - L'viv, Ukraine

“I taught for various institutes, private classes ..., and for US and European companies... It taught me foreign business culture most of all.
...I'd urge anyone who is using it as a means to live in a country to combine it with what they'd really like to do.”
                         ~ Charlie Carey

Justin Laurion lived in South Korea from 2006 to 2009 and worked as an instructor and foreign teacher manager. He is currently pursuing an M.A. degree in Education and Society at McGill University. He shares these insights:
Teaching in Korea was both personally and professionally developmental for me. It allowed me to apply much of what I learned from my undergraduate studies and to greatly expand on this knowledge. In addition to gaining more international experience, I was blessed with the opportunity to experience taking on responsibilities related to administrational aspects of education. Lastly, by affording me both time for reflection and the opportunity to travel fairly frequently, it provided me with several areas of interest for the graduate research I am currently doing.
A majority of the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers I met in Korea entered into the field planning on a one-year stint to sustain themselves while they figured out what they wanted to do with their lives. Many of them ended up loving the work and lifestyle so much that it became an unexpected career path for them.