The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Fall 2011

Fellowship and Scholarship Effort Invigorated at UNH

Richard Parks on his Fulbright fellowship in Tunisia

It used to be that if you wanted to learn about applying for a Fulbright and the Boren Scholarships, you talked to one person; to seek advice about Truman, Udall and Rhodes, another. For information about Gilman and Critical Language Scholarships, you would talk to yet another.

Things have changed for the better with a new fulltime director in the UNH Fellowships Office on the second floor of Hood House, and the arrival of Dr. Richard Parks to direct the now centralized and reenergized effort. Parks has the kind of background that can inspire students to pursue these esteemed honors: He received a Fulbright to live in Tunisia where he conducted his Ph.D. research in history. The following year, he served as a Fulbright Student Ambassador in Washington, D.C. He also counseled hundreds of students in the fellowships office at the University of Minnesota, where he advised students who received such honors as the Astronaut Foundation, Rhodes, and Carnegie Peace Endowment Fellowships, as well as many Fulbrights and Goldwaters.

Here at UNH, students will find in him a dedicated advisor to help them navigate the difficult application and interview processes that these prestigious awards require. To create awareness about these opportunities, Parks visits classes, offers info sessions, liaises with professors and has an open door policy for consultation. “It is very important that students be aware of the requirements and deadlines early in their undergraduate career,” he emphasizes. “Preparing and compiling a competitive application can take much longer than many students anticipate.”

UNH has a long history of students receiving highly-selective grants and fellowships, such as Fulbright, Truman, and the National Science Foundation. Parks is looking to continue and even enhance this tradition: “I hope to help UNH and our talented students get the recognition and the grants that they deserve.” Dr. Richard Parks and the UNH Fellowships Office can be reached at 207 Hood House, (603) 862-0733,