The UNH Center for International Education Newsletter
Fall 2011

From the Director
Here we are...

In our last newsletter, we sadly said good-bye to Sheila McCurdy, Jeff Sherman, and Ben Cole. Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming to CIE: Leo Meijer, study abroad advisor; Gregg Orifici, assistant director; and Molly Wallace, Hood House lecturer. Make sure to drop by Hood House to meet them.

You will notice a few changes in this newsletter. First, we have gone totally paper-less, because it is more sustainable and we care for the environment…we also care about safeguarding every penny in our budget. Then, we adopted a new name, the University of New Hampshire International Educator. Together, with Gregg as its new editor-in-chief, we wanted our identity to reflect more comprehensively CIE’s diverse contributions to the UNH community, to include news about the broader range of international activities on campus, and to fully serve UNH’s commitment to internationalization.

In this issue:

Despite a dire University budget situation, let me assure you: CIE is committed to providing the highest quality international opportunities, supporting internationally-engaged students and scholars, and collaborating across the entire UNH community to maintain the spotlight on international education — its impact and value. Please stop by and visit us in Hood II* to learn more. You’ll always be welcome!

* Hood II is the second floor of Hood House, home of UNH’s University Honors Program, the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, the International Research Opportunities Program (IROP), the UNH Fellowships Office and the Center for International Education...quite a team!