Center for International Education
Spring 2010

Spring 2010

Featured Stories

From the director:  New Strategic Plan, international activities at UNH

...As CIE interim director, I am very pleased to be involved with the Center's great programs at this very exciting time for international education at UNH.

UNH Chinese language camp for grades 4-12

June 21-July 16, 2010 the University of New Hampshire will offer a four-week non-residential Chinese Language Summer Camp sponsored by the UNH Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures with support from the National Security Language Initiative STARTALK program.

UNH International Affairs lecturer Ben Cole is the co-author of recently published "Global Report 2009"

Despite gloomy reports on the global war on terrorism, international recession and global warming that dominate the news, the world as a whole has become more open, stable and resilient...

UNH study abroad in Budapest:  Reflections on the "permanent possessions" of the foreign experience

For each of the past six years the Whittemore School has sent about 20 students to study during the fall semester at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe.

Additional Articles

Two study programs abroad provide environmental science student Sheila Jarnes ’10 with a wide range of experiences

...I chose Australia my sophomore year and Costa Rica my senior year...

Disaster work:  The difficulty of ‘doing good’ (by Colin Credle, G’00)

My recent work in Haiti for Project HOPE was a small part to a multi-faceted response on a long road to implement "good" for the long term.

IA alumna profile: Meet Roberta Barbieri ’88

At the time, I was only the second student ever to match Environmental Conservation with International Affairs.

IA 25th anniversary celebration plans under way

In May 1985, twenty-five years ago, we graduated our first four IA dual majors. This spring, we will add 45 IA alumni to the database!

IA alumni: Where in the world is...?

Claire Malarte-Feldman sends greetings from France

Hello from Dijon and l’Université de Bourgogne...

Graduate Student Dovev Levine Attends Climate Change Conference

Dovev received a fellowship to present his work at an energy and climate research workshop in Germany.

"Through the Lens of UNH Students Abroad" is Dimond Library's new photo exhibit

Dimond Library presents its second photography exhibit with a selection of images taken by students who participated in study and research abroad between 2006 and 2009.

Faculty Travel through CIE

Dev Dutta - India

I presented a paper at the first Indian Academy of Management Research Conference held at the prestigious XLRI Jamshedpur School of Business and Human Resources.

Marco Dorfsman & Lori Hopkins ~ Brazil

Professors Marco Dorfsman and Lori Hopkins organized a three-day seminar on "Equality and Imaginary Identity in Contemporary Latin American Literature"" part of the Latin American Studies Association 28th International Congress in Rio de Janeiro in June 2009."

Martin McKinsey ~ Scotland

There is something to be said for armchair travel. You are not liable to have your wallet snatched out of your pocket, as was mine on my way to catch a flight from Athens to London.

Christina Ortmeier-Hooper - England

...I was able to attend and present my research at the 2009 Writing Development Conference at the University of London.

Wheeler Ruml - Ireland

While modern computers may seem to be fast enough for everyday web browsing, the dirty little secret of computer science is that there are many important problems for which current methods would take literally thousands of years to compute a solution.

Judy Sharkey - Colombia

Our project, "Community Literacies in Language and Literacy Teacher Education," grew out of our conversations at the Second Annual Conference on Professional Development for Foreign Language Teachers at the Universidad de Antioquía, Medellín, Colombia.