Center for International Education
Spring 2010

Devkamal Dutta, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor Dutta traveled to India in December2009 to present a paper at the Indian Academy of Management Research Conference and to examine the work of a non-governmental organization involved in social entrepreneurship.

In December 2009, I traveled to New Delhi, Kolkata and Jamshedpur, India, with several items on my travel agenda. I presented a paper at the first Indian Academy of Management Research Conference held at the prestigious XLRI Jamshedpur School of Business and Human Resources ( This conference was a congregation of academics from around the world who are of Indian heritage and/or have a research interest in the dynamic Indian economy and business. True to its objectives, the conference’s theme this year was Indian Management Ethos. The paper that I presented at this conference was titled: "Path dependence, path breaking change and the three gunas of prakrti: Insights from the Indian Samkhya philosophy." It was well received and there were many interesting questions from the audience.

Dev Dutta (front row, center) with MBA students at IILM Indi

Dev Dutta (front row, center) with MBA students at IILM India

Subsequently, in January I traveled through Kolkata and Delhi to work on my current research project on social entrepreneurship and how organizations active in this arena manage to juggle the twin challenges of economic viability and social goals. In this context, I had the occasion to study a very interesting Indian NGO that is doing some great work in this area, albeit in a focused way. This organization is named Manzil and more details about it can be found here:

Finally, as part of my visit in Delhi, I conducted three workshops at the IILM Institute for Higher Education, Delhi. One of these was with MBA students on "The nature of competitive strategy." A couple of other workshops were conducted for the IILM faculty on "Teaching Excellence" and "Improving Research Productivity and Publishing in High Quality Journals." These workshops were greatly appreciated and I felt they turned out to be truly mutual learning experiences.

I am grateful to have received a CIE grant to partially finance my travel to India and I felt honored to represent UNH during my visit to the country.