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Fall 2010

Fall 2010

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From the director

- Looking back, looking forward
- NH International Seminar Lecture Series on the Middle East

Washington, DC, alums Dan Hilliard and Bob Leavitt to meet students on October 8

1988 IA alumni Daniel Hilliard and Robert Leavitt will meet with students from across campus to talk about career paths that have led them to Washington, DC.

Year in Egypt reinforces desire to continue Mid East studies

Within months, I was applying for my first passport and shortly found myself on a plane to Cairo, Egypt..

Additional Articles

Happy Returns ~ IA alumni back on campus

Florence Reed '90 and Emily Roberts '08 returned to speak to audiences on- and off-campus about their work.

Four UNH students awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Tyler King ’10, Kristina Reardon G’11, Sarah Stickney G’10, and Bethany Wakeman ’10 will conduct academic work abroad in 2010-11.

“The rain in Spain” didn’t dampen spirits in Granada (by John Chaston, Associate Professor of Spanish)

Seven Memorable “Firsts” of the Spring 2010 UNH-Granada Experience

Internships in Washington, DC

- The Washington Center offers credit internships to UNH students in all fields
- National Defense University was work site for Joelle Calcavecchia
- Christine Kratz served internship in the Office of the First Lady
- National Defense University was work site for Joelle Calcavecchia

2010 UNH Research Conference: 30% of awards went to IA majors

Of the 44 cash awards presented, 13 went to IA students.

IA alumni: Where in the world is...?

Join the newly-launched UNH International Affairs Alumni LinkedIn group!

Faculty Travel through CIE

Nelson Barber - Italy

This annual scholarly meeting of the VDQS chapter of the European Association of Wine Economists represents all European specialists and noted world specialists about wine production, economics and consumer marketing.

Janet Gold - Honduras

To gain more first-hand knowledge of the workings of NGOs in Honduras, I spent ten days in Santa Lucía, a village in the mountains outside of Tegucigalpa...

Sean Moore - England

...I was the only English professor among an international group of economists and financial historians who used a lot more econometric data about the period than I did.

Julie Bryce - Italy

My motivation to visit Ferrara, Italy, could be put into one word: mantle. Earth’s mantle is its large rocky layer that extends beneath the crust on which we stand down to Earth’s metallic core.

Lina Lee - Spain

Using ethnographic interviews is a dynamic and profound way to understand the target culture from the point of view of its members...