Center for International Education
Fall 2010

From the Director

Looking back, looking forward

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman

After a semester teaching at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, France, it is good to be back at UNH—and especially at CIE where so much will be happening this semester.

We will be “looking back” as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the International Affairs (IA) dual major program. A series of events during homecoming weekend will bring back IA alumni from as far as China. Looking forward, we welcome Professor Biniam Iyob, new lecturer in geography and part time IA faculty member. For the incoming freshman class, we shall implement the IA curriculum reforms that were approved last year and include the addition of a geography module in IA 401, an economics core course, and a consolidated IA Policy and Theory elective.

The Center welcomes the recent addition of the Middle Eastern Studies minor to UNH’s multidisciplinary programs. To help launch the new program, our fall NH International Seminar will feature three lectures on Middle East topics (see below). We are also excited about the new three-week UNH winter term. A number of the January 2011 courses will be taught abroad, including offerings in the Dominican Republic, Grenada, and Montreal.

Finally, CIE will continue to work on the implementation of the UNH Strategic Plan’s internationalization priority in collaboration with the many faculty members, staff and students who are ready to make the vision of UNH in 2020 a reality.

I wish you all a wonderful new academic year and remind you that you are always welcome in our Hood House offices-- where international education means the world!

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman

New Hampshire International Seminar –
Fall 2010 lecture series on The Middle East

September 21: Naghmeh Sohrabi, Brandeis University,
           “State, Politics, and Elections in Iran”

October 21: Kanan Makiya, Brandeis University
            “Refections on the post-elections future of Iraq”

November 18: Vickie Langohr, College of the Holy Cross
            “Complicating the Question of Women's Rights in the Middle East”