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Spring 2009

Spring 2009

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From the director

UNH president seeking Strategic Plan input: Give us your international perspective

Craig Abbott emphasizes importance of international education to the future of UNH and its students

In November, UNH alumnus Craig Abbott '70 attended the IA alumni gathering in New York City. Although he graduated fifteen years before the International Affairs dual major came into existence, and he did not study abroad while at UNH, Abbott had a message to bring.

NH International Seminar features UNH scholars speaking on a variety of research topics

International education is an expanding field throughout the world as the need for global communication and collaboration increases.

IA alumna discovers fascinating world of food culture and production through Italian graduate program

From warm baguettes to spicy olives to freshly made lasagne, and now to fragrant basmati rice, my hunger for "good, clean and fair" food has taken me from France to Southern Italy up to Northern Italy and over to New Dehli, India, where I am currently.

Additional Articles

UNH study abroad: Explore the culture and charm of England through the UNH Cambridge Program

During the past thirty years more than 1,000 students—most from UNH, others from all over the U.S.—have enjoyed the UNH English Department’s six-week Summer Program at Cambridge University, and the program is now gearing up for the summer of 2009.

Experiencing a trans-Atlantic version of the U.S. election was my first presidential election, but I couldn’t help feeling sad that I had left the US in the year of what could be the biggest and most important presidential election ever. Little did I know how involved I would be.

Trading spaces: UNH exchanges offer affordable and academically advantageous study abroad options

UNH students can study in one of 33 Canadian universities or four European institutions. Financially, exchanges are often a very good study abroad option.

Scholarships opportunities abroad for exceptional students

In this time of especially tight financial resources, it is important for students to know about grant opportunities that may make it possible, or at least less daunting, to take on study or research abroad.

Smetana ‘08 publishes book from her Slovakian family’s oral histories

From the oral histories she collected, Laura wrote a series of stories which she published this past fall under the title Reflections on Communism and Democracy in Slovakia.

IA alumni enjoyed time together in New York City

IA alumni gathered in New York City on November 14, 2008 to enjoy social time with old friends and new.

IA alumni: Where in the world is...?

Faculty Travel through CIE

Steven Bornstein - Russia

Professor Steven Bornstein traveled to Russia in November 2008 to present a paper at Mari-State University in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, on the effects of hearing loss on oral language and speech development.

Louis Tisa - Argentina

While in Argentina in October, Professor Louis Tisa presented research on plants that play a significant role economically and ecologically in agriculture and in the environment.

Sarah Sherman - England

Professor Sarah Sherman traveled to England in July to attend a conference on "Transatlantic Women: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers in Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe," and to chair a panel.

Brigitte Bailey - England

Professor Brigitte Bailey traveled to England in July to attend a conference she helped organize on "Transatlantic Women: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers in Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe," and to present a paper on her own research.

CIE International Development Grant winners for spring 2009