Center for International Education
Spring 2009

Trading spaces: UNH exchanges offer affordable and academically advantageous study abroad options

by Beth Rascoe Kilinc, administrative director for study abroad

At a recent lunch to welcome them to our campus, our Dutch exchange students voiced their enthusiasm about their experiences at UNH. They remarked on the quality of the classes and professors, and how much fun they were having in the dorms with their fellow students. All had watched the Superbowl, and everyone enjoyed commenting on the differences between U.S. and Dutch culture. They were joined by CIE staff and Professor Brigitte Bailey, one of the founders of the UNH-Utrecht University exchange program. From left to right are: Michiel Van Veldhuizen (History/Philosophy), Rosan Slebioda (History), Willemijn Doedens (English/Psych), Marleen Ensink (History), Charlotte Kok (Communications), and Arthur Muller (American Studies).

Have you had the pleasure of meeting one of the Dutch students pictured here? Each is here for spring semester as part of the UNH exchange program with Utrecht University. Occupying their vacated seats back in The Netherlands are UNH students Colleen O’Connell (Occupational Therapy), Sarah Turner (Women’s Studies), Carmen St. Jean (Math and Computer Science) and Jacklyn Vorsteveld (Math). Besides the students currently studying in Utrecht, four other UNH students --Amelia deGrace, Sean Doherty, Justin Pelletier, and James Woidt-- are on exchange at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, this semester studying civil engineering.

Since 2000, UNH has received 76 international students through exchanges and sent 72 of our own abroad. UNH students can study in one of 33 Canadian universities or four European institutions. Financially, exchanges are often a very good study abroad option. UNH students pay their usual tuition to UNH, but pay their housing costs and fees to the exchange host university. Educationally there are benefits too; students are directly enrolled at the exchange university, can choose from the regular course listings, and are assigned an academic advisor.


Finding the program that is right for you

Because exchange placements are limited, interested students should start the advising and application process at CIE early. UNH has exchanges in the following locations: