Center for International Education
Spring 2009

From the Director

UNH president seeking strategic plan input: Give us your international perspective

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman Claire Malarte-Feldman
(Photo by Kyo Morishima)

As we began spring semester, nine working groups organized around nine broad themes were hard at work building their cases and compiling the reports that will be considered by the UNH Strategic Plan steering committee. I thank President Huddleston for having invited me to participate in the group "UNH and the World: Advancing a Global Perspective," the goal of which, as it is eloquently stated in its charge, is "to make the world part of the university’s organizational DNA."

By the end of March our group will have proposed its strategy to reach that goal. By the end of the spring semester, the steering committee will produce an outline of the three to five "big ideas," originating from the work of the nine working groups, on which the plans for the future of UNH will be centered. We are confident that once our task is completed, the initiative that we shall propose will demonstrate the centrality of the need for the internationalization of our campus.

Though there are many definitions of "internationalization," the one that best summarizes the focus of the global perspective working group is "the process of integrating international/intercultural learning into the teaching, research and service functions of the institution; it seeks as a primary objective to enable all students to understand world cultures and events, analyze global systems, appreciate cultural differences and apply this knowledge to their lives as citizens and workers." We want UNH to open its campus to visiting scholars, researchers and students from around the world. We want prospective students to be attracted by UNH because of the reputation of its international education, and to look at our institution as a unique place to come to understand the cultures of the world.

I want to encourage all of our readers to be a part of this important process. Whether you are a student, an alum, faculty or staff, a community member or an elected official, we want to hear from you. In this issue of the CIE Newsletter, you will see an article by UNH alumnus Craig Abbott explaining from his perspective in international finance why a solid international education is critical for today’s student. Based on your life and work, we want to know what ideas, insights and information you can offer the committee as evidence of the need for our future citizens and workforce to be internationally educated and globally competent.

I would love to talk to you directly, so feel free to drop by my office in Hood House 225, or send me an e-mail at: I also encourage you to post your comments on the President’s Strategic Plan website at

~ Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman