Center for International Education
Fall 2009

From the Director

China an area of focus for coming year

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman

As we prepare for yet another academic year, it is with a feeling of accomplishment that I look back at 2009. This past academic year has been a great one for the International Affairs (IA) dual major program. A self-study group proposed IA curriculum reforms which the University Committee on International Studies approved unanimously. Among the changes to be implemented in AY 2010-2011 will be a required micro/macro economics course and the addition of a geography module. We shall keep you updated on our progress.

UNH and the University of Ghana recently signed a memorandum of understanding, sealing fruitful collaborations between researchers and creating exciting student exchanges. Our second UNH team will leave mid-September for Accra and Cape Coast to continue the work started earlier this year. The goal for summer 2010 is to run a pilot program in the performing arts.

The number of students we sent abroad last year increased by over 5%. By promoting short-term faculty led trips and January term programs, we are moving forward with our goal to increase study abroad options which will accommodate a greater number of students. In the past year, the University Committee on Study Abroad also made significant progress in the area of health, safety and risk management procedures, in line with the recommendations of the recent UNH audit of study abroad programs.

In the coming year, China will be an area of primary focus for UNH. Chinese scholars Yunchun Liu and Xiaoshu Zhu have arrived from Chengdu University to teach language and culture courses in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and to participate in outreach activities with area schools. The New Hampshire International Seminar (NHIS) series will also highlight China this year, so keep your eyes open for the NHIS poster announcing the fall series. The first event on September 17 will feature Harvard professor Shigehisa Kuriyama speaking on Chinese medicine.

Together with the University Honors Program, the Center is happy to welcome Chris Reardon as Hood House Professor for the coming academic year, and looks forward to the close collaboration that position affords our programs.

Finally, let me remind you that I will be teaching at the University of Burgundy in the spring semester of 2010. Professor Stacy Van Deveer will step in as CIE interim director until I return in the early summer.

I send you my heartfelt wishes for a wonderfully productive and happy new academic year!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman