Center for International Education
Fall 2008

From the Director

Focus on Africa:  UNH receives grant to begin programming in Ghana

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman

As many on campus already know, the Center for the Humanities, in collaboration with the Center for International Education, has received a $75,000 grant from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to build capacity for undergraduate study in Ghana. In the next two years this grant will be used to design study abroad programs with the University of Ghana (UG) in Legon, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, enabling UNH students to learn in both urban and rural settings in Ghana.

We are very excited to be developing our first UNH-managed program in Africa. Our goals are to build collaboration with faculty members and programs at all three institutions, to attract students’ interest in Africa through study, research, and internship, to broaden cultural understanding and diversity at UNH, and to facilitate study abroad participation of economically disadvantaged and minority students. Our first planning trip to Ghana is scheduled for the coming spring.

We are particularly interested in tailoring programs that can fit the diverse needs of students in all UNH schools and colleges. Students in highly structured programs often cannot leave UNH for a full semester to study or conduct research abroad. We want to create short-term programs during semester breaks or summers that can benefit underserved students and facilitate an exchange of knowledge between our Ghanaian partners and UNH.

I am reaching out to my colleagues from all schools and colleges whose teaching and/or research interests can benefit from and contribute to this partnership with UG and KNUST. Drop by, send an email or call and we’ll talk more about this exciting new project that the Center of the Humanities and CIE are undertaking!

More interests in Africa

UNH student Lauren Longley with Professor Drew Conroy in NamibiaUNH student Lauren Longley, an animal science major from San Francisco, CA, spent spring 2008 in Namibia working with the Save the Rhino Trust. UNH professor of dairy management and applied animal science Drew Conroy, in Namibia with his family on a Fulbright grant, met Lauren at the airport and provided her with an orientation to the country.