Center for International Education
Fall 2007

From the Director

Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman

I am thrilled to open this column for the first time in my tenure as Center for International Education director and I hope to make it a regular feature of our newsletter.

I started my new functions at the helm of CIE four and a half months ago and it has been a busy time for me! It did not take me long after I got acquainted with the staff at the Center to realize how lucky I was to work with six talented, knowledgeable and likeable individuals: Sheila McCurdy, assistant director; Catherine D’Auteuil, coordinator of student programs; Jeff Sherman, assistant coordinator of study abroad; Wen Houle, senior information support assistant; Melinda McMahon, administrative and program assistant and Gwyneth Dahler, study abroad assistant.

As I gained mastery of the range of activities covered by CIE, I articulated a number of priorities, which are reflective of the central place that international education occupies in the new UNH Academic Plan, and of the increasingly central stature of CIE on the campus. First, I intend to provide the International Affairs dual major with the stability deserved by a program of over 400 enrolled students by conducting a thorough curriculum review and securing the core course teaching cadre. Also, this year the center is undertaking a search for a full-time administrative director who will manage the budget and ensure a more centralized organization for all of its study abroad programs. Finally, in an effort to explore new approaches of the NH International Seminar, the spring ‘08 series should be an exciting one, featuring three UNH faculty members who in the past year demonstrated their strong commitment to faculty international development. And of course, CIE continues to provide support to students and faculty members for their international engagement.

In closing I want to remind you that my door in Hood House is always open. You are welcome to come and visit. We’ll talk about international education at UNH!

~ Dr. Claire Malarte-Feldman