Center for International Education
December 2006

Where in the world is...?

Amy Burrows '00 spent 3-1/2 years with the Peace Corps in Bolivia. She recently completed course work for her graduate degree in International Education at the School for International Training and is currently working with BorderLinks, an organization that focuses on U.S. Immigration Policy, U.S. business's affect on the borderland culture, global economics, and social justice for the Mexican population of the borderlands.

Andrew Moisan '01 recently finished a Master's Degree in International Relations at the University of Denver. He is currently waiting for an Air Force security clearance for officer training that will begin next March.

Cara Metell '02 is working on a Master's Degree in International Training and Education at American University and working as a program coordinator of special projects in the College of Arts and Sciences dean's office.

Taylor Smalley '03 is working with Fidelity in Merrimack, NH. Since Fidelity has an international scope with offices in many locations abroad, Smalley's goal is to work toward an international career with the Capital Markets Division.

Jonathan Baumgart '04 is a sales associate with Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) based in New York City. Says Baumgart, "FXCM allows traders to speculate in the foreign exchange markets via an online trading platform. As an economics/international affairs dual major, this was the perfect fit for me."

Eliza Chon '05 works in Washington, D.C. with the Milliennium Challenge Corporation, a branch of the U.S. State Department which works with underdeveloped nations A program assistant for their Department of Operations in Francophone Africa, Chon says, "I can't tell you how excited I am at having the opportunity to utilize my language skills, particularly in the development sector as we see a greater political and social effort to help underdeveloped countries."