Center for International Education
December 2006

Kondagunta Sivaprasad, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor Kondagunta Sivaprasad traveled to Chennai, India, to investigate the possibility of an undergraduate exchange.


With the encouragement of the Dean of CEPS, there has been a more focused interest to have the institution interact with foreign universities. There is already an understanding with the Technical University of Budapest to exchange undergraduates. My aim in visiting IIT in Chennai, India, is to investigate the possibility of such an exchange with them in the future. As a modest beginning, I wish to find out how to regularize the procedures of getting interns to our college during the summer. Almost all the technical colleges in India require that an undergraduate student do a project during the senior year, as well as do an internship with an industry or a university during the summer between the junior and senior years. Such an exchange will increase interaction of undergraduate level students with outside universities and provide us with a source for good graduate students.

I was able to meet with the Dean of Academic Research, Dr. S. Navayanan and Prof. Santhankumar, Dean, academic courses of IIT, Madras. We agreed that we should start the exchange on an informal basis by contacting the departments and exchanging the areas of interest before getting formal with a memorandum of understanding. For the full report, visit